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macOS workforce

Company Overview

Our goal is to improve the security of macOS users by developing accessible, native, high quality macOS security products and services.

Despite the hype, there is no silver bullet when it comes to cyber-security. The best solutions will integrate and extend many different technologies to make security simple and streamlined.

Who We Are

Josh Stein, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Josh is the ultimate start-up hustler, wearing any hat necessary to get the job done - from software engineer to product manager to technical sales. He is crazy about his family and an occasional game at the horseshoe.

Jon Malm, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jon is a passionate technologist with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis, reverse engineering, and product development. When his eyes are not glued to a screen, he is a family man, a runner, and can often be seen cheering on the Cyclones (the magic is real).

Patrick Wardle, Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Patrick is widely regarded as a top researcher in the fields of macOS security and malware analysis. He has presented at over 30 worldwide conferences and been credited with numerous CVEs in core macOS components. His previous work at NASA and the NSA make him intimately familiar with aliens, spies and talking nerdy. In his personal time Patrick surfs the waves of Maui, collects macOS malware and writes personal macOS security tools found at objective-see.com .