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September 20, 2017

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by Jon Malm

Welcome to the new Digita Security website. We are excited to start sharing our start-up journey.

We hope you can tell from our new website launch that we have a passion for macOS, cyber-security, and product development. As long time Mac users and security professionals we recognize that we have a great opportunity to build native macOS security products. At Digita Security our primary goal is to improve the security of macOS users by developing high quality security products that are accessible to everybody.

Was your current solution designed specifically for macOS?

Threats to macOS users continue to grow, especially as macOS continues to gain traction in the enterprise. As we evaluated options for our own security implementation we asked a fundamental question, Was the solution designed specifically for macOS? We found great individual tools, but not a comprehensive solution built specifically for macOS. At Digita security we are taking a Mac centric approach to security by integrating and building upon macOS and cyber-security tools you may already know and love.

Security Should Just Work and Be Accessible to All

One of the greatest features of most Apple products, including macOS, is that they work reliably and effortlessly from the get-go. In the spirit of macOS we aim make our security “just work”. We recognize that security is difficult, under appreciated, and quite often takes skilled professionals to properly implement and maintain.

For advanced users, our tools and services will provide you with the information you need to make critical, time sensitive decisions. Everyday users will be able to “set it and forget it”, leveraging our advanced platform to automate expert decision making so that all users remain protected. Our goal is to provide a single platform for macOS that integrates a myriad of tools into a single solution that is easily maintained and deployed for security teams of all sizes.

“Skill to do comes of doing; knowledge comes by eyes always open, and working hands; and there is no knowledge that is not power.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The problems with “security through obscurity” is one of earliest lessons of cyber-security. In other words, hiding the inner-workings of a solution is not sufficient security protection. Unfortunately, there continues to be little Apple documentation on macOS security. The security community has been responsible for providing most of the meaningful, publicly available details on the built-in protections (e.g. Objective See, *OS Internals) and there are still many gaps to be filled. As we work toward our enterprise product release, we strive to document what we learn to better the community and become a trusted source for macOS security documentation.

In this spirit, stay tuned for our next post on XProtect and the release of our XProtect exploration tool called UXProtect. #UXProtect

Welcome to Digita Security, we are excited to get started!