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Our products will extend current best of breed products provided by the community...

We've partnered with Objective-See to integrate "visibility and protection to the core" of Digita's enterprise solutions. Digita's flagship products will build upon this amazing set of tools to bring expanded features, functionality, and enterprise support to life.

Yara, "The pattern matching swiss knife for malware researchers (and everyone else)", is integrated at the heart of Digita's signature and pattern matching capabilities, enabling power users to customize the scanning engine with company specific or community developed definitions that fit their needs.


UXProtect is an XProtect exploration tool created by Digita Security. The goal of the tool is to highlight and extend the capabilities of XProtect for research and educational purposes.

  • XProtect Yara Signature, Blacklisted Plugin, and Blacklisted Extension “Explorer”
  • On-demand Yara scanning leveraging XProtect and/or custom Yara rule definitions
  • Load time version check and (on-demand, immediately) forced updates of XProtect configuration files