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Be the First to Know When XProtect is Updated!

Current XProtect Version: 2103

Xplore XProtect Signatures, Extensions, Plugins


macOS XProtect signatures and blacklists are updated silently, without documentation or acknowledgement from Apple. As an online complement to UXProtect, Xplorer is a valuable resource for users who want to understand the protections afforded by XProtect and track its history.

Xplorer inspects the latest available XProtect files, lists the individual signature entries, tracks the date and version of first introduction, and notes other names by which the threat may be known. Similarly, Xplorer lists the name of each blacklisted safari plugin and extension, along with the date and XProtect version in which it was last updated.

A sub-page for each signature expands the available information to include a summary of the threat, references for more information, and sample hashes linked to VirusTotal.

We have hosted Xplorer so there is nothing to download or install. Just visit the link to learn more about XProtect signatures. Download UXProtect to compare your installed signatures with the latest available in Xplorer and ensure you are completely updated.

Notification Service

We have set up Xplorer to watch for available updates, automatically summarize any signature changes, and notify us via email. We are now offering the same service to anyone who would like to subscribe above!

The subscription simply requires an email address. Please note that there is a second step, so be on the lookout for a confirmation email in your inbox.